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Trick or Sweet
Halloween Cookie Baking and Decorating

Looking for a new way to celebrate Halloween?

We’re celebrating Halloween one spooky decorated cookie at a time!

Trick or Sweet cookie event
9 languages supported English classes with closed captions for the hard-of-hearing and subtitles in 8 languages
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Let’s have a sweet and spooky Halloween!

If you’ve ever wanted to learn how to bake and decorate beautiful royal icing cookies (or you just need a way to keep the kids entertained while you eat all of the Halloween candy you bulk bought online), this class is for you.

Combining adorable Halloween cookie shapes with step-by-step video instructions and a “bake along with me” style that lets you decorate with me in real time, this Halloween cookie decorating course has three levels and is perfect for everyone from kids to adults.

Follow along in your own time!

Step-by-step, in-depth instructions – from baking the cookies to decorating them.
With over 2 hours of in-depth video guides, you’ll be a Halloween cookie pro when you are done!

Trick or Sweet still

15 decorations with 3 difficulty levels!

The class comes with 15 cookie decorations over 3 difficulty levels: kids, family, and adult, so everyone can enjoy together, or the kids can be left to decorate themselves!

Take the class now!

With lifetime access to enjoy it in future years.

What’s included

3 video classes, each with 5 in-depth decorated Halloween-themed cookie tutorials.
13 spooky cookie cutouts that you can use to make your cookie shapes.
A class for kids, for families, and for adults.
Over 2 hours of video classes in total.
Classes are in English with closed captions for the hard-of-hearing, and have subtitles in 8 languages: Spanish, German, French, Italian, Dutch, Chinese (simplified), Japanese and Brazilian Portuguese.

Use this virtual baking and decorating class to:

Learn a new skill and make Halloween memories as a family.
Add some structure to a Halloween party.
Give the kids something fun to do on Halloween night.

You’ll learn:

How to make the perfect sugar cookie dough that won’t spread in the oven.
Exactly how to roll out and cut the Halloween cookie shapes (included, no cookie cutters needed).
How to make royal icing, including how to color it, put it in piping bags, and actually work with it on the cookie.
How to decorate 15 different cookie designs, 5 in each level.

Do I Need to Buy Any Materials?

You’ll need standard cookie baking ingredients like flour, granulated sugar, butter, eggs, and vanilla extract, as well as powdered sugar for the icing and the cookies.

Extra decorating tools like piping bags and a scribe are recommended in the class with links to options, but household replacement recommendations are also included like sandwich bags for piping bags and a simple toothpick for the scribe and the “official” tools are by no means necessary.  

The one ingredient that many people not have on hand and does not have a substitution is meringue powder for the royal icing, however you can also use ready-made royal icing or royal icing mix, and if you realize at the last minute that you don’t have either of these, the course includes options for types of icings that can be tried instead in a pinch.

Make it a family occasion!

Take the class with friends and family and create amazing memories.

Here at Into the Cookie Jar, we’re celebrating Halloween one cookie at a time, and we’d love for you and your family to join us as we make these extra spooky Halloween treats!

You could even send the class as a gift to your grandchildren, friends, neighbors, coworkers, or someone you want to wish an extra delicious Halloween to, and enjoy the experience together!

See you in the class!

Take the class now!

With lifetime access to enjoy it in future years.

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