Learn How to Decorate Cookies Like a PRO!

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In-Depth Tutorials

We’re going deep into the decorating process in these guides with tips, tricks, and fully guided tutorials.

Beginners Encouraged

We all start somewhere. I had no idea how to bake or decorate cookies at first, and I know how to teach beginners so you don’t feel overwhelmed.

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Premium Material

With useful printables, high quality videos, and photos galore, you’re getting the best of the best.

My Most Popular Baking and Decorating Classes

Merry Cookiemas Christmas cookie baking and decorating

Merry Cookiemas!

This festive Christmas cookie decorating course contains 3 levels and 15 Christmas cookie designs, including Christmas Sweaters, Rudolph and Penguins!
Follow along in your own time with easy-to-follow, in-depth videos for kids, families and adults!

Includes 16 printable festive cookie cutouts.

Merry Cookiemas!

Christmas cookie decorating. 15 designs. 3 difficulty levels: kds, families, adults. in-depth videos. Cutouts included. Lifetime access.
Trick or Sweet - Halloween Cookie Baking and Decorating - Into the Cookie Jar

Trick or Sweet!

This festive Halloween cookie decorating course contains 3 levels and 15 Halloween cookie designs, including ghosts, pumpkins and more.
Follow along in your own time with easy-to-follow, in-depth videos for kids, families and adults!.

Includes 13 printable spooky cookie cutouts.

Happy Halloween!

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What will I learn?

Into the Cookie Jar is a top resource for baking and cookie decorating, no matter your skill level. I’m bringing what I’ve learned from thousands of decorated cookies to your screen in easy-to-follow online classes.

You’ll learn how to bake cut-out sugar cookies that don’t spread, how to make and decorate with royal icing, and the tricks of the trade to create special effects like marbling (it’s easier than it looks!)

These aren’t sped-up videos, but detailed classes that take you through the steps in real time, just as if you were sitting across from me in person.

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Decorating made easy

Learn to decorate cookies in a friendly and easy-to-follow class. No more hours scrolling through Instagram wishing you could do it – now, you’re going to!

Flexible decorating levels

Classes have a range of options when it comes to decorating skill level and options for colors and designs. Whether you’ve used royal icing before or you didn’t even know what it was, welcome!

What past decorating friends have to say…

Get decorating and have some fun!

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